How to get a job in Sociology

article Sociology interned for 4 years and started at a local university in 2011.

Since then, she has studied the lives of students and faculty from around the country.

She loves to speak with people from different backgrounds, and she’s passionate about making them feel included in their education.

The first of her studies focused on the lives and experiences of women in science and technology.

She has since studied the experiences of black students and the experiences and voices of students of color in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

She currently works in the Department of Sociology at Stanford University, working as a Research Associate for Women’s Studies.

She is also an active member of the Sociology Club at Stanford and has volunteered with the Stanford Black Studies and Women’s Center.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociological Theory and is currently working toward a Masters degree in Social Psychology.

You can read more about her career here.

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This post was contributed by Alexis B. Schmitt.