How the Bollywood Bollywood community is making a difference

Posted October 24, 2018 09:03:07 A Bollywood superstar has written a book in support of a local movement against caste discrimination.

Rajdeep Sardesai, the director of the film ‘Tatra’, has written an open letter to the Bihari community in a bid to make them aware of their plight.

In it, he claims the Bichas in his village are being deprived of basic services like education and health care due to caste discrimination.

“We live in a society where caste is being actively discussed and the Bishwaqis are constantly being asked to join the government, which is being held back by the caste system,” Sardesio wrote in the letter.

“But our society is not one of the privileged classes.

In fact, it is not even a minority.

The Bicha is one of us and is the one who can bring change.”

The Bichais, the indigenous people of southern India, have been under threat of eviction by the dominant Biharis, who use their status as a caste to assert their political power.

“They are using their caste as a weapon to gain political power, but it is a weapon that is being used against them.

The caste system and its practices are destroying us and we are dying,” Sardensio wrote.”

The only solution is to make a real change and stop this violence,” he added.”

You can make a difference by supporting the movement of the Bikas of Biharia.

We are all part of the same community.

The only way we can make any difference is to unite,” Sardhesi said.