How to get rich in the new social media era

The Internet is revolutionizing our lives and making it easier to do business.

But it’s also revolutionizing how we think about ourselves and each other.

The latest revolution has us thinking about who we are and where we come from.

What do we want?

What do we have to offer?

What kind of jobs do we need?

And how do we make money?

What if we want to build a community, and what happens when we fail to do that?

In a new book, I explore these questions and how we can live the new paradigm.

I also try to answer questions that have plagued us: How can we make our jobs more rewarding and our communities more prosperous?

How can our communities become more inclusive and more resilient?

What are the ways we can create a more just, sustainable world?

In this book, The Social Network’s Kevin Roose explores how the Web has democratized everything from business to culture.