‘Mores Sociologist’: How ‘Mors Sociologist’ Can Help U.S. Fight Climate Change

The film, directed by John Morris, is a documentary that explores the “benevolent sociopolitical system” that governs U.N. climate talks in New York City.

The film will premiere on PBS on May 17.

Morris, who is a professor of sociology at UC Berkeley and is also a director, wrote the film.

“This film shows how the world’s most influential political actors can play a crucial role in shaping global and national climate change policy,” Morris wrote.

“The film highlights the power of climate change diplomacy and the role climate change is playing in shaping our national politics, economic development, and the world.”

In the film, Morris interviews political scientists and climate change activists, who describe how “mores” (the term coined by climate change activist John Coleman) are responsible for shaping climate policy and have “made global warming a global issue, and this has had a profound effect on the planet.”

Morris said he was interested in the idea of a “Mores Professor,” who “is the one that gets to have the power and the influence and the impact of these actors.”

“They are the ones who have to be very careful,” he said, “because the fact is, if they don’t take action, the rest of us will be left behind.”

Moros also discussed how the “climate scientists” in the film are not scientists, but “experts” who have “been trained” in “the science of climate.”

“What’s important to understand about climate change,” Morris said, is that it is a “natural phenomenon” that has been going on for thousands of years and has a “significant impact” on the environment.

“And this has been happening for millennia,” he continued.

“And it’s the result of human activity.”

Morons movie also explores the concept of “mors” and the political roles that they play.

“What we see in this film is the idea that mores are the most powerful actors on the political scene,” he added.

“So they have the ability to influence the outcome of climate policy because they know what’s happening on the ground, and they have a vested interest in the outcome.”

Morams documentary will air on PBS beginning May 17 and will be distributed by PBS member stations.

The film also explores how “climate change activists” have “changed the climate,” but “are still too afraid to say anything about it,” Morris noted.

“Because we have a system of power that is still built on the backs of millions of people, and millions of scientists, that’s a very powerful position,” he explained.

“So we can’t even talk about the issue of climate, because we are being forced to,” Morris continued.