How sociology is evolving to describe contemporary societies

Sociology is an important and often overlooked area of study in modern society.

Sociology of society, sociology of race, and sociology of sexuality are all key terms to know.

It is also important to know that sociology can be a broad field, and that the disciplines of anthropology, philosophy, linguistics, and political science are not mutually exclusive.

Sociologists often consider themselves experts in their fields.

Sociologist Mark Lippert and his co-authors have written extensively about how social science is expanding in terms of its breadth and scope.

In this special episode of the podcast, Mark discusses the role sociology has played in modern societies, including its relation to the rise of the internet, the rise and spread of feminism, and the rise in white nationalism.

They discuss how sociology is now being used to explain modern political movements, the implications of the growing power of white nationalists, and how these ideologies affect sociologists and their work.

This podcast is part of a series called The Sociologist’s Handbook, which is a series of podcasts exploring the social sciences and the wider field of sociology.

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