Polygon’s Polygon: The new, and not so new, podcast for video game nerds

We’ve known Polygon was coming for a while now, thanks to its new, somewhat mysterious, podcast.

Polygon has been the hub of the video game news, video game culture, and the culture of the game industry.

The new podcast, which Polygon is calling Polygon Podcasts, is going to be about video game podcasts, with a focus on the kind of podcasts that you’d expect to find in the Polygon offices.

(I know, it’s not exactly the same.)

The idea is to bring together a diverse group of video game developers and journalists, who can share a common interest in what they’re doing.

The podcasts will be a mix of short stories and feature interviews, with the focus on video game journalism, but the aim is not to replace Polygon itself, the show will instead be an extension of Polygon, and as a result, a bit of Polygons past.

The podcast will be free, and it will be on Polygon.com starting Thursday.

The Polygon team will be involved in the production of the podcast, but it won’t be Polygon writers.

“Our mission at Polygon isn’t just to produce great podcasts,” said Matt Sussman, who is Polygon founder and co-host of the show.

“We believe it is also important to provide a platform for those who are passionate about video games to be heard.

We want to provide people with tools and platforms to create their own video game podcast.”

The podcast is currently being written, and a few weeks ago, it was accepted into Polygon Media.

It’s an experiment that the Polygon team is already working on.

“At the end of the day, Polygon will be what it is going forward,” Sussmen said.

“It’s been a great place for us to create content, to get our stories out there, and to be able to share them with other creators.

It doesn’t make any sense for us not to do that, but at the end, the business model of Polygames is that it’s a platform where creators have the opportunity to publish their own content and that’s what we’re aiming for with this.”

The Polygones decision to put out a podcast at the moment, in the first place, is largely about a lack of space, said Sussmans son, Matt.

“Matt’s just really excited about this idea and the idea of Polygraph, but we’re really excited to be part of the Polygraph family and to have the platform to work on this,” he said.

There is a lot of discussion happening on the Polyogons internal Reddit forum about how the podcast will look, what kind of stories will be featured, and who will host it.

“Polygraph is really, really small, but I’m really excited that we have this kind of platform to collaborate and to share our content and we’re excited to see how the community responds to this,” Sommers son said.

A lot of people are wondering why the Polygram team hasn’t launched a podcast.

“There’s a lot going on,” Sargeant said.

Polygram is a new, non-profit organization, founded by two friends who were passionate about games and culture, but ultimately, were content creators themselves.

The company was founded in October of 2016 and was based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It aims to bring gaming journalism, culture, games, and entertainment together in a more inclusive, inclusive way.

The website, which is currently in beta, will allow Polygon to be used as a hub for a wide range of content, and Sargeants son, Sargean, and Polygon co-founder Michael Abrash hope to create a more community-focused podcast in the future.

“As a community of game journalists, we really have to step up and be better, more inclusive in terms of our content, our platforms,” Sillman said.

The Podcasts will be part documentary, part video game, and part video games podcast.

Abras is a producer at IGN, where he works on the popular gameshow IGN First, which has been going for several years.

He’s also a partner at the gaming podcast WTF with Chris Kluwe.

“The goal is to create an environment where gamers can get together and talk about their favorite games and their favorite characters,” Abrasse said.

While Sussermans son, who started out in the industry as a video game journalist, said he’s not interested in making a gaming podcast, he said that he’s “very interested” in making an open-ended, narrative podcast.

Sargeans son, while not completely comfortable with the idea, is open to it.

The idea of making a podcast for the whole gaming community is something he’s always been interested in.

“I think the idea has always been really cool,” he explained.

“You have these