How sociological research is evolving

This article explores the ways in which sociological approaches to social change are being integrated with the development of a new quantitative framework for assessing the impact of the economic crisis on Australia’s socio-economic health.

Key points: A new framework for measuring the impact on Australia of the 2008 global financial crisis has been developed in a bid to better understand the impact that economic downturns have on society and the economy.

Sociological research is increasingly being used to assess the impact global economic crises have on Australia.

The framework aims to quantify the economic impact of global economic downturn on society, with the aim of understanding how society responds to economic crises through various forms of economic education.

The aim of the new framework is to provide a more accurate understanding of the impact economic downturn has had on Australia and to provide the best possible understanding of how Australia will respond to future crises.

The development of the framework will be supported by the Australian Research Council’s International Programme on Socio-economic Health, the Institute for Socioeconomic Analysis, the Australian Institute of Technology’s Graduate School of Public Policy, the University of Sydney and the Centre for Research in Socio Economic Policy at the University, Sydney.

The project, published in the journal Economic and Political Weekly, was initiated by the Centre of Socio economic Policy at The Australian National University, and the University’s School of Business and Management.

Dr James Koeppe is Associate Professor of Sociology at the Centre and the Director of the Institute of Sociolinguistics.

The research has been funded by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Australian Research Contribution (AREC), the Australian Council of Trade Unions, and The Australian Government.

The Australian Social Science Data Centre was established by the CSIRO.

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