The Top 10 salaries in sports for 2019

The top 10 salaries for the 2019 NFL season are below.

The numbers below are based on median earnings from five years worth of data collected by Forbes.

The data are weighted by years of experience, with the top earning players earning more than $100 million per year.

Here’s a look at the 10 highest-paid players in 2019:The NFL Salary Cap, which caps each player’s contract at $60 million, is set to rise by an additional $15 million to $75 million for 2019.

In other words, teams are paying more to players in the middle of the salary cap, even if their salary caps aren’t growing.

The average NFL player is making $1.2 million per season, according to the ESPN Moneyball analysis.

That’s down from the $2.2-million average in 2019, which ranked among the top 20 earners.

However, it’s a big jump from the previous five years, when the average NFL salary was $2 million.

The next highest paid player is wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, at $2,876,000 per season.

Here are the 10 lowest-paid NFL players:This year’s salary cap hit for wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is set at $5.3 million, according of Forbes.

He was the highest-ranking wide receiver in 2019 by the number of years he had played in the NFL, according for the ESPN Football salary cap database.

He also ranks fifth among wide receivers.

“The Secret Life of the American Girl” trailer is now available online

With the release of the latest trailer for The Secret Life Of The American Girl, fans of the show and those who enjoy watching a movie on their phone will finally be able to enjoy the show’s most intimate moments.

The new trailer is titled “Fate of a Teenage Girl,” and it has a special surprise for fans.

“The secret to the success of a show like this is not knowing exactly what’s going to happen,” says The Secret World star Taryn Manning.

“You don’t have to know everything, but you have to have a clear understanding of what you’re doing and how to make the best use of what’s happening.”

“The secret of The Secret is that we never know what’s gonna happen,” adds Olivia Wilde.

“But when you know what you have, you can take advantage of it.”

The Secret World, which premiered on Fox this past March, is set in a world of “superheroes” in which the hero’s lives are dictated by their powers and their morals.

It follows the lives of four teenage girls (Mandy Moore, Kaitlin Olson, Anna Kendrick, and Samantha Morton) who must navigate the world of their chosen hero, as well as their lives as superheroes and villains alike.

“We’re not doing it for ourselves,” says Manning.

“[It’s] so much about the characters, the stories, and how we treat each other.”

Watch the new trailer above, and pick up The Secret Lives of Teenage Girls on Blu-ray/DVD and digital downloads on Wednesday, March 5.