‘There’s an element of anxiety’ at the new position for sociology majors

More than 100 academics have applied to join a newly opened position for psychology majors, with a focus on increasing diversity at the university.

Key points:New jobs at Sydney University openStax sociology graduate job offers new career opportunities for womenThe University of Sydney has launched a new position to recruit new students for the sociology majorA spokeswoman for the university said the new jobs would allow students to “make the most of their studies” and “engage in research that is important to society”.

A job posting for the new job offers a “specialised” position, with the first two months of employment available in September, followed by a “two-year extension”.

“At Sydney University, we are committed to creating a workplace where we are open and accepting of our diversity,” the job posting says.

“This position is ideal for a student who is committed to the university and interested in working with colleagues of all backgrounds and disciplines.”

A spokesperson for Sydney University said the job would be filled within two months.

“It is a position where we aim to be inclusive and that includes people who have diverse views, who are diverse in terms of background, who share a passion for education, and who share our values,” the spokeswoman said.

“We have been seeking a diverse group of candidates for this role for some time.”

The ideal candidate is passionate about research, driven, innovative and highly motivated.

“At the end of the interview, the candidate will be asked to demonstrate how they contribute to the mission of the university.”

The spokeswoman said the university had recently created an online recruitment tool that was “designed to attract and attract qualified individuals who have the right skills and abilities to work alongside other highly qualified and engaged colleagues.”

The Sydney University spokesperson said the department would also work with the university’s student union to find a position for each individual, adding the department did not have a specific target for the number of new psychology students it would need.

“There’s a lot of pressure on people to get into a specific job and we’re very open to finding a particular position,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said it was the first time a psychology major position had been opened at Sydney.

“We are extremely excited to open this opportunity, and we are looking forward to working with the students who are interested in joining our research and teaching teams,” the university spokeswoman said in a statement.

The new job post comes after the University of Queensland introduced a new undergraduate psychology degree in 2019.

The Queensland University of Technology has also launched a research programme to hire 20 more psychology students.

The University and NSW government have been at loggerheads with the University at Large (ULA) over the number and diversity of its student population, with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian recently accusing the university of being “a bit of a bully” and a “bully pulpit”.

The university said it had launched a diversity and inclusion plan in the face of pressure from the state government and the unions.

University of Sydney lecturer Dr Andrew Jarem said the announcement of a new job position at Sydney’s prestigious university would give “a lot of opportunity for a lot more students to make the most out of their degree”.

“I think the reason that the department is looking for more and more candidates is that they have to find new ways to attract them,” he said.

Professor Jareme said the position offered a unique opportunity for students who were interested in psychology, but were looking for a new career path.

“They’re really going to be able to take on the role that they would have to have in a university, and be able provide leadership and a certain amount of autonomy, and it’s also really going be a place where they can explore and develop new knowledge and be challenged and learn,” he told the ABC.

“And so the opportunities for them to do that are going to grow in the future.”

The job posting has been published online.

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